Jewelry Hook-up

I've been talking about how to organize my hoard of jewelry for what seems like forever and a day.  I had been thinking about using frames to display it all, and I even tried a version here.  HOWEVER, I've realized, when I drag my feet on a project, it usually means that something just doesn't feel right.  So I finally scrapped that plan and went a new direction: hooks. The idea for a collection of vintage-style hooks hit me when Zara Home went live in the US a little over a month ago.  They have so many beautiful options!

zara hooks


After waiting so long for inspiration to hit, I was in the mood to git-r-done.  Waiting for a shipment from Zara Home, no matter how pretty it may be, wasn't what I wanted (sorry Zara!).  Glutton for punishment, I headed over to my go-to place for vintage style hardware: Anthropologie.  That place is dangerous.  As in walk-through-the-doors-and-surrender-your-wallet dangerous.  Per usual, I left spending more than planned, but I scored a pretty awesome collection of vintage inspired hooks to showcase my necklaces.

jewelry hooks 1

I went rogue and started hanging them without planning it out first.  Thank goodness it worked out- plaster walls aren't very forgiving.

jewelry hooks 2

I just love the textural interest all the different hooks add.

jewelry hooks 3

The frame was actually an unplanned last minute addition, but it's one of my favorite parts.  It's currently showcasing 2 beautiful necklaces from Hubby.

jewelry hooks 4

Not the biggest transformation, but it's just a breath of fresh air.  Certainly makes my 6am wardrobe accessorizing a bit easier.