London Crush

I know you usually come here to see flipping progress, DIY ideas and generally handy stuff, but I'm so ODed on demo and mess and unfinished this week that I just need to look at something pretty and done. I stumbled on this restaurant on pinterest, followed series of dead links, then finally used Google image source to find the original. Take me there please!!!!


Currently undergoing a kitchen renovation, these gorgeous dining room images belong to a restaurant in London called Hally's Parsons Green.  I can't find a single thing that I would change!  If you ask Hubby, that's my highest design compliment.



I can't decide if I like the dipped ice cream parlor chair or the brass light fixtures better.



If that isn't already the coziest, cutest, most welcoming restaurant on the planet, check out this bathroom.   That patterned tile and rustic vanity?  Hello!  The whole place is straight out of my fantasies.  Get out of my head, Hally's!


Now I know my first stop if I ever get to go to London!


All images are straight from Hally's website, so kindly pin from the direct source and let them know how beautiful they are!!