House Guest

Who knew that painting and adding picture rail to the dining room would take this long?! *raises hand*  yeah.... I figured it wouldn't go as quick as I wanted, but a girl can dream. Walls are painted, trim is up, painted, caulked, holes are filled... all I have left is some paint touch-ups on the trim.  I can't wait to REALLY pull the room together, but what pleases me most is that the trim looks like belongs.  like it's always been there.  yay!

My self-imposed hard deadline to get this all touched up and done is this weekend.  Why this weekend?  We have friends coming over on Saturday, but more importantly, Sunday marks the beginning of having a house guest.  Remember how I mentioned that my parents are moving?  As I mentioned, Mom has a job in Boston metro-west area starting next week.  They sold their house in less than 2 weeks, but something's still missing.  A house to move into!  So until they find the right house, Handy Dad'll be staying with his sister in CT and Mom'll be staying with us during the week.  This will be the first time anyone will actually be staying in our 'guestroom' which until now has just been the cats room with the extra tv.  Hope they like they're new roommate!

Since hopefully (for all of our sake's) this living arrangement will only be for a month or so, I'm trying not to worry too much about design.  Trying.  Not fully succeeding, though.  Mom's bringing her own twin bed and dresser (just about all the room can fit), but that still won't stop me from drooling over some spectacular small guest rooms on Pinterest.

So, which room do you want, Mom?

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