Dining Done

Ok, I get it.  You guys like seeing projects get done, not hearing me talk about them progressing and simply showing you pretty pictures from the internet.  Message received loud and clear.  Results get more views.  Views are like crack to a blogger.  We just want more!  So I need to start delivering.  But, I digress. Dining room accomplished!! How's that for results?

Or at least the walls and trim are.  (apologies for the night photos- I was touching up paint until after dinner)

Remember what the dining room looked like about 2 weeks ago?  Nothing offensive, but kind of dreary.

Even the plastic faux wood doorbell cover got a makeover

There were some crazy angles that I had to try and get trim to fit.  The one below is a nice and easy 126 degrees.  Even my new adjustable miter saw balked at it.  With some paintable caulk and white wood-filler, though, I was able to conquer the corners!

The trim fits in with the character of the house.  It looks like it could have been there since the house was built 112 years ago, and naturally, that makes me happy.  so does purple.

Now I can't wait to raise the rest of the room up to the level of the walls.

Still left to do:

  • Replace chandelier
  • Swag chandelier over table
  • Paint antique 'liquor cabinet'
  • Refinish collected chairs
  • Paint piano
  • Create built-in 'china' cabinet (eventually)