Holiday Roundup


Can you believe Christmas is already a week away?  It's a stealthy little minx, huh?  I figured I'd pop in today with a rare Thursday post to make up for my lack of posting yesterday with a little bit of festive inspiration.  Lately I've been loving all of the holiday DIYs and home tours that I just had to share some of the highlights with you. **As per usual, please pin responsibly.  Please click through to the original sources to pin from.  Muchos gracias!!**

I was scrolling down my facebook feed the other day and was stopped dead by this adorable tree topper featured on an Apartment Therapy home tour.  It just goes to show that despite seemingly every tree in blog-land being curated and themed, you can still accomplish a chic, stylish tree with mis-matching and personal ornaments.  Whoooo knew?  (pun intended)

Apartment Therapy Organic Modern Home Tour

I'm absolutely in love with Nicole Balch's holiday mantle over at Making it Lovely.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good silver gold and white combo- much like my own tree.

Making it Lovely's Christmas Mantel

If you're in need of a super simple way to style up your holiday buffet, might I suggest popping over to Little Green Notebook where she created this stellar buffet backer (again with the puns).  What I love most about this idea is that you could bring the chalkboard backer out for the next event and draw a different backdrop.  Confetti for New Years, candles for a birthday, or even a beautiful hand written meal menu.  I think I may need to be making one of these in the future. (And hello, can we PLEASE swoon over her chevron floors and well styled bookcase)

Little Green Notebook Starry Holiday Buffet

I've never been hugely into the holiday pillows thing, thinking it was a little kitschy, but once again Madam Emily Henderson proved me wrong and killed it with her glam holiday decor this year.  Somehow she seems to always manage to create rooms that are simultaneously ready for a magazine cover and invite you to curl up and get comfy at the same time.  Not an easy feat.

Emily Henderson Glam Home Holiday Tour

I've never been the biggest fan of the standard wreath for indoor decor.  Luckily for me, lately anything in a roughly wreath-like shape can pass for festive and I'm loving the creative options!

These cut wood wreaths from Sarah M. Dorsey are so simple and pretty.  With different decorative elements added, these could almost last year-round on a front door.

Sarah M. Dorsey wood slice wreath

Along the same general shape lines, I've seen several versions of PVC pipe wreaths like this one from A Beautiful Mess and I love them all.  Maybe because it involves gold spraypaint.  I would probably like almost anything if you spray it gold.

A Beautiful Mess gold PVC pipe wreath

The most unexpected wreath, but so simply chic is this geometric floral wreath from Brittni at Paper n Stitch.  This one might convert me to being a wreath-year-round type of gal.

Paper n Stitch geometric floral wreath


Looking at all this awesome holiday festiveness is getting me in the mood to wrap presents!  How have you gotten in the holiday mood this season?