Happy Friday!

I've been very reflective lately.  Could be that the onset of Spring always makes me think of new beginnings, but that's too logical.  I'm going to blame the show How I Met Your Mother.  In the episode 2 weeks ago, the guys reflected on their 3 year tradition of watching the Star Wars Trilogy and where their lives have taken them (in sit-com land of course).  So naturally, I'm blaming fictional people for making me think about my life.  Only a little weird I hope.

Part of my reflections have been how I can make this blog more worth reading and more worth writing.  I enjoy  writing here (and I hope you find reading it enjoyable most of the time), but I'll admit, sometimes I'm at a loss of what content to include.  I started this blog a year and a half ago and since then it has evolved to be largely about my adventures as a new homeowner (much to my surprise).    I've been thinking a lot lately about improvements I want to make to this blog and I want you guys to weigh in.

The content has naturally evolved (without much of a gameplan), but the layout and design of the blog hasn't changed one bit.  I look at the layout of other home/design blogs and I have some ideas for layouts to make the content that I already have more accessible.  Although I want to hear your feedback on EVERYTHING, (the good, the bad, and the ugly) I really want your opinions on which posts you like reading.  DIY projects always seem to be a crowd-pleaser, so those are most certainly here to stay (only limited by my 'free' time and how fast I can do them).  What other posts do you like seeing?  Or what would you like to hear more about?  Have you missed my Pin and Tell posts?  Do you want to hear more about my estate sale/tag sale treasure hunts?  I want to know what keeps you coming back!

Comment away!!!