A Long Time Coming

The push to get my nephew's room done before he arrives is ON.  His future bff Yasha decided to be born 5 weeks early (one of my sister's best friends was due with a girl 2 weeks after her), so it's made all of us realize that he could join us at any moment.  All of the necessary things are in his room, but I want to try and get his room done before he arrives so my sister has 1 less thing to worry about- expect posts about that in the coming couple weeks. Amongst all the little things I'm trying to get done for my soon-to-be-nephew, I was able to FINALLY start tackling a few of the issues that have been bugging me about the house.

#1: Lack of patio furniture is NO MORE:

Since the patio spent the entirety of last summer looking like this:

Wasted Yard

and then this:

Seeing it like THIS makes me so happy:

I can't express how this latest addition just makes me smile.  The patio is starting to feel like an outdoor room that is actually usable.  (I had blogged my plans for this area here, and most recently here)

#2: IN PROGRESS: Bathroom Make-over

Check out my plans for the room here.

Stenciled Ceiling 80% done:

Painting walls 5% done:

Holes are patched and sanded, I've begun to tape around the room, but the stubborn old medicine cabinet just WOULDN'T let go!  It sat like that for 24 hours before I could fix it.  I had to go buy a pair of locking pliers, because one of the screws would not budge a bit.  Not with the drill, not with any of my screwdrivers.  And locking pliers were one tool I didn't have yet.  I also had to tweak the paint color a bit from that in the picture.  The first color I came home with didn't look as dark on the walls as I had hoped.  A very nice color, but I'm looking for the drama.  Or maybe I just get an idea in my head and need to make it happen.  And my idea for the bathroom is a dark graphite color.  I went back to Sherwin Williams and had them tint it darker- definitely a good choice!!

I can't wait to get the paint done and the new medicine cabinet up!

Did you get started on any long awaited projects over the weekend?  Or wrestle with annoying medicine cabinets?