Grover: Week6

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out  more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. I keep being surprised how fast this flip is passing.  I'm pleased to say this week, it is finally starting to look and feel a bit different!

Remember how there used to be a wall in between the kitchen/dining room and living room?  Well, no more!


I'm so happy I decided to open up the wall- it's going to completely make this space!  The above is a view from the front door.  Just look at all the light coming from the back of the house!  It's going to be even brighter too, when I nix the dark drab colors.

Here's a before and after comparison from the same angle:



What a difference, amIright??  Don't worry, the beam isn't bowed, that's just my camera lens.  In fact, the beam is as straight as an arrow.  The contractor was even able to jack up an old bow in the ceiling and really square up the house- go him!  And since I'm so in love with the open concept here, this will be the view from the middle of the kitchen:


I originally wanted to open it up another 3', but that extra 3 feet would require a new  beam and concrete footing in the basement and all the work that went along with it.  I'll keep the 3' and the $600 on my pocket, thank you very much.

Still staying in the kitchen, the contractors are moving a wall that no one will see, but it will make such a difference.


I'm stealing almost a foot from the smallest bedroom's closet to create a proper recess for the fridge.  The previous recess caused the fridge to stick out a good 6 inches into the room.  It looked like a mistake.  The bedroom closet will still be plenty large for the room, and now, the fridge will look like it was meant to be there.

Moving down the hallway... the clean, wallpaper free, white, primed hallway... It's never looked better!


Before we head to the bedrooms, let's take a peek in the bathroom where the contractor has been prepping the walls for the new shower tile.


I know right now it looks like the contractor's having all the fun, but I am eagerly awaiting my turn on projects.  Once the contractor tiles the shower walls and preps the floor for tile, I'll be tiling the floor myself and adding board and batten to the walls.  Those are the biggies, but of course I have 10 million small projects throughout the house to make him pretty again.

While the contractor has been working away, I've done my best to stay out of the way in the bedrooms and have successfully prepped and primed all 3 bedrooms trim, walls, and closets.


The master even already has a coat of semi-gloss on the trim and I've started debating room colors.  I'm thinking a soft green in the master and a light gray in the 'kids rooms.'


I'm trying to get the bedrooms painted first on this flip, unlike the last 2 where the painting was one of the last things to happen.  Since I'll be getting the floors sanded down and refinished, it makes sense to paint first when I'm not as worried about spilling a few drops.  PLUS, painting them now means that once the floors to get refinished, the bedrooms will pretty much be DONE!

I feel like I'm dragging my feet a bit on this flip, but we're admittedly holding off on a few big-ticket items for as long as we can.  Until Frankie sells (booo) a lot of our money is still tied up.  We just dropped the price again- come and get him!!