Craigslisting: Spring Edition

With the onset of warmer weather, that mean's that tag sale season should be ramping up!!  Who's excited??  That's right, this girl!  There was only one last week that I stopped at, I'm hoping there will be more in the coming weeks. In order to get us all excited for some amazing tag sale treasures, I thought it was time for another Craigslist Treasure Hunt!

craiglist antique fridge

Let start with this working vintage GE fridge for $150.  Not an amazing steal, but it looks like it's in pretty nice condition and I just love those lines.  I wouldn't be so bold as to put it in a kitchen (although I've seen it done and it can be amazing), I'd actually put this in a game room or basement hang-out.  Refreshments for all!

craiglist cast iron sink

This cast iron sink is FREE if you take it with a pile of wood.  In fact, if you want the wood, you MUST take the sink.  What??  I know you're probably thinking that I'm crazy here, but I practically die over these sinks.

Do you think I'm crazy now?

bhg yellow vintage bathroom

image via Better Homes and Gardens

Getting back to Craigslist... Let's go Mid Century Modern on your space:

craigslist MCM bar cabinet

$75 for this MCM liquor cabinet could go either way.  It's a neat piece, certainly, and would add some style to a space, but quality might be questionable.  Due to the poor photo quality on the listing, I'm not sure if this is actually wood or laminate... if it was wood, $75 is an awesome deal!  laminate? meh.  I'd hold off.

craigslist MCM bar stools

If you just want to add a small touch of MCM to your space, can I suggest these bar stools?  3 for $60.  The black is a little masculine for my taste, but with a new fabric, I'm sold!


Craigslist ethan allen blue sofa

$300 might be a bit steep for this Ethan Allen sofa in my opinion, but it has tons of potential.  I simply adore the line of the back and the tailored tufting.  If you can work the blue into your space, this could be an unbeatable deal.  I would definitely recommend, however, removing that skirt (like I did here).  With a little leg showing, she'd be a show-stopper.  Ideally, I'd love to reupholster this in a textural neutral, but at $300 it might be a bit pricy for that.

As always, I like to assure you that our local craigslist isn't all amazing deals, sunshine and butterflies... you can also get a gorilla costume HEAD, standard issue hand cuffs, or dentures....  I think I'll stick to the furniture and architectural salvage...

Have you gotten any amazing finds on craigslist lately?