Grover: Week 14

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. It's crunch time!  I want to have this house listed in less than a month.  Hustle, Karen!!  Thankfully, with the floors now mostly complete with 2 coats and all of the remaining walls primed, it's finally starting to look like something.


After everything else is done, the floor will get a 3rd coat so they are flawless and gleaming for when we list.  I seriously couldn't be happier with the floors- I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be a HUGE selling feature.

Also on the list of big ticket items that I didn't do myself but that got done this week.  A roof!


Rather unsexy, but completely necessary to sell the house.

Meanwhile inside, I kept myself busy as always.


In addition to my usual patching, sanding, and priming (and banishing all of the old dark colors), the living room ceiling got painted, the back door got new trim around it (like this tutorial from flip #1), I repaired all the other door frames where the previous owner had arbitrarily cut chunks out of the bottom (?), I finally primed over an obscene drawing that was on the exterior of the back door,


drooled over the hard wood floors some more,


and I added trim to both the interior and exterior of the front door (which I decided to keep because $) to make it seem a bit more cool retro instead of old and dated.


I also spent the good majority of my day yesterday tackling the kitchen vent and the gaping hole in the ceiling.  It went from this:


to this:


I still have to sand and do a second layer of plaster over it.  With a stand alone vent hood going there, I need to make it look GOOD!

Thankfully, this house has finally turned a corner from being a disastrous construction zone, to being near completion (at least the upstairs.... we won't talk about the basement right now).  Even with my drop cloths strewn about, the view as you walk in the front door puts a smile on my face.  Light bright walls, open concept, gleaming original hard wood floors.


Next steps- paint and get the kitchen installed!