Caught White Handed


Oh no, she got hold of the spray paint again!!  Every man for themselves! hiding-hand

I'm not sure what spoke to me about this hand vase (must have been sign language...), but when I saw it at an estate sale this weekend, I felt compelled to pick it up immediately.  $4? Ok, if you insist.  I've never seen anything like it before.  Even the strangest things can look elegant in white ceramic, right?


I tried cleaning it up, but it still looked like dingy old off-white with a bad manicure.


After checking it to make sure there were no markings that this was a priceless heirloom (spoiler alert: it wasn't), I took to it with some fine sand paper before I let her have it.


Flat white spray paint was all I had on hand (pun intended, but also true).  The white paint was just what this piece needed to make it look fresh and clean.

I borrowed an air plant from the kitchen to test out my vision.  I need to get some more air plants.  In the past year I've only killed 1 out of 5.  That's pretty decent for me with plants- I've kept 4 alive!  Throw me a parade- I'm a saint here!  Too far?  Anyway, so HAND!


For $4 you could get a fancy latte at Starbucks, but I think spending it on weird hand vases is so much more fulfilling.  It looks exactly how I pictured it on my shelf and I kind of love it.  High five! Sorry, sorry, I'll stop with the hand puns, scouts honor.... ok that was the last.  really.


I've been picking up cool old books at tag sales and estate sales, so my living room bookcase is just screaming for a full restyle in the very near future and not just the shelves that end up in hand photo shoots.

Apparently I'm feeling very cheeky pre-coffee this Monday morning.  My apologies if my cheese level was off the charts- I'll try to be more docile in Wednesday's post.  No promises.

Happy Monday!