First World Design Problems

I had started a long winded post, whining about my 'first world problems' and how my how my house isn't where I want it to be yet, but Wordpress deleted my draft.  I think that was the universe telling me to stop b*tching. So I'll listen. After I was forced to say goodbye last week to my 6 year old alienware laptop, I decided to take this opportunity to upgrade.  In 8-10 days, I will have this baby in my hands

a 15" MacBook Pro with the anti-glare screen (not a fan of glossy screens)!!  Kinda excited.  I'm also thinking, now that I'll have a laptop which actually not run outta juice instantly when unplugged, I can start blogging on the train home, giving me more time to blog better.  I know I promised at the new year that I would blog more & blog better, and I've yet to step it up.  I'll have no excuses now!!

Enough with my tangents, let's get to what I was planning to blog about.  As usual, I've been keeping myself quite busy.  I'm putting finishing touches on my nephew's nursery furniture and am hoping to deliver it to his room this coming weekend.  My sister will need a place to put all his gifts that she gets at her baby shower in 2 weeks.  Which is another thing keeping me busy of course.  Shower planning and DIY are full steam ahead.  Maybe for this shower, I'll actually remember to bring my camera (unlike for B's bridal shower- fail).

I'm already mentally working on my next home project which is scheduled to commence in May- maybe mid-April if I'm lucky (between babies, wedding, and birthdays- none of which are mine- my schedule is overloaded).  My dining room is finally going to get some love!  Aside from putting furniture in it and hanging a few curtains, the room is the same as the day we moved in.

This picture is from May.  If you add a little extra clutter, it looks pretty much exactly the same.

My plan for this space include

  • a built in china/liquor cabinet

  • Board and batten

  • A vibrant paint color
  • New lighting
  • Refinished chairs and buffet

I know board and batten is everywhere in DIY blogland lately, but I'm really hoping it's not over-done.  I think it'll be the perfect way to add some period charm to my 100+ year old house and at the same time will give me the opportunity to put a vibrant color above the ledge without turning the room into a cave.  I'm itching to get started, but I have to be patient (not my best quality).  I can start with baby steps and work on regluing and repairing my future dining chairs.  My the time free time allows, I'll be ready to put detailed plans into action.

I can't wait!

I hope I'm not the only one obsessing fixated on future projects.  What projects are you hoping to get to next?

images via apple, pinterest, pinterest