Bedroom Progress

Why do I second guess myself? Remember when I blogged about the bedroom mirror options?  I had bought the cheap one hoping it would be "good enough," but the expensive mirror called to me.  I should have gone with my gut, because it was totally right.

I love the proportions and the finishes.  Yes, it was $300 more than the cheap mirror, but you get what you pay for.

Do you like the new curtains?  I was expecting the background to be a bit more off-white than beige, but Hubby and I both like them.

I also had some help hemming the curtains.  Well, he was less of a help and more of a distraction, but quite adorable either way.  The weird bear just likes to lay on things.  Seriously, if you put something on the ground, it'll be his new favorite place to sit.

So yeah, the bedroom.  It still needs some SERIOUS styling, but I have some ideas.  Styling isn't my strength, so that'll take some work.  I need to practice and hone my styling skills.  If I can eventually be half as good at styling as Emily Henderson, I'll consider it a win. (Yup, totally have a girl crush on her.  We should be bffs.)