Feeling Blue

I'm definitely not your standard house flipper.  Most house flippers would rip out an ugly blue bathroom and replace it with something neutral. grover-before14

I spend hours ripping out blue tile only to plan on installing new blue tile on the floor.  I swear, I have a reason, though!  One of my goals with this house is to stay true to the history of this 1960s house, while also making it modern and chic.  Blue is a part of this house's story and I kind of dig it.

It all started with the floor tile.


Once I ordered the tile, everything else just started to fall into place around it.

Blue Bathroom Plan

1.  Portfolio vanity light from Lowe's

2.  Light gray paint above white board and batten.  The board and batten serves 2 very important purposes: 1- the scale of it will help the room feel larger, and 2- it will cover up the damaged walls from the old tile and bad renovations.

3.  Threshold shower curtain from Target with just a touch of blue.  This ties the room together and adds a pop of print.

4.  IKEA HEMNES cabinet and sink (I'll fancy it up with different knobs, naturally).  This is not as deep as most standard vanities which is ideal for this space.  Also with legs that raise it up off the floor, it gives the illusion of more floor space, and therefore a larger room.  When I'm done with this bathroom, it'll feel 3 times bigger than before it met my sledge hammer!

5.  The tile.  Oh, the tile.  I'm kind of in love with it and I hope whoever buys the house from me gets it too.  I ordered these EliteTile Retro mosaics in light blue from Wayfair.  The bathroom needed blue in it still... it told me.

I'll be doing the floor tile and board and batten install myself, but the contractor needs to take care of a few things before that happens.  He should be getting started this week, so I'm hoping that next week I might be able to dig in on the bathroom finish work!

So what do you think... am I crazy to bring blue tile back?