Eternal Winter

This endless snow is throwing me way off my game as you can probably tell by this random Thursday- first post of the week.  I feel like I'm living in Frozen here with Elsa's eternal winter.  Quick, we need an act of true love!  (Yes, I am a grown a$$ woman with no kids quoting Frozen.  Embrace it.)  Seriously, though 70+ inches of snow in under 3 weeks with another potential blizzard on the way?  Sheer craziness.  Mother nature's completely lost her marbles.  All this shoveling and schedule rearranging has drained my energy and my creativity, so please accept my apologies. Instead of the usual, here are 3 things from around the interwebs that caught my attention:

1. Emily Henderson.  Oh Emily.  Interior styling rockstar.  She's currently showing us 1 credenza styled 4 ways.  She's shown us 3 so far and the first is far and away my favorite.  She's labeled it "Upper East Side Mid-Century."



2. On Pinterest, I stumbled upon a round-up of 30 Free printable to spruce up your child's room via Little Gold Pixel.  Not your average, cheesy, cutesy child art.  Thumbs up!  Most could also mix in a non-child oriented gallery wall.  And look, another Frozen reference!



3. How did I not know that Society6 sells throw pillows??  I've purchased art and phone cases from them.  Now I'm looking for a place for all these pillows!  Do you see those prices?  With a pillow insert, a 16x16 pillow is only $27!



I'm sure I'm not the only one fighting the winter doldrums.  This snow is only temporary, the days will get longer, and before we know it will be flea market and spray paint season.  Ah, Brimfield.  I cannot wait!  Only 89 days, but who's counting.