Dori the Flip House: week 6

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  My latest flip house, Dori sports the 3 L’s in real estate, but will need more than a bit of creativity to make the house sellable. You can find more about this house and about my 4 previous flip houses here. This was a weird week.  I personally didn't do a ton of work at the house, but a TON of work got done.  This is rather foreign to me.  I can wave a magic wand (read: write a check) and get people to do the big stuff?? Who knew?  Somehow, in a week, this flip house went from looking like this:

Dori Ext Before 1

To this:


It's the same house, I swear!  Landscapers attacked the yard, and the contractors installed the new bathroom window!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  I cannot wait to get the finishing touches on this curb appeal.  Her new shutters are all made (and you'll see the DIY on Wednesday- yes, you'll get 2 DIYs next week!!), she'll be getting new house numbers, a new light, and a pop of color with a blue door.

In addition to the drastic front yard work, the landscapers also tackled the hideous cracked, sunken, concrete patio... they made it go far far away.


In it's place will be a nice, clean, paver patio.  It'll be rather chic if I do say so myself.  And remember way back (6 weeks ago) when the back yard looked like this?


A breath of fresh air.  Still some more work to go but leaps and bounds from where it started.


The only transformation inside this week was in the bathroom.  Did you notice that brand new window on the front of the house?



Yes, it's privacy glass.  Sorry neighbors, no free show!  Remember what this cave was before?  *shudders*  It was scary.  There are no words for how different this one window makes the room feel.


Next week will bring lots and lots and lots of drywall.  Everywhere but the floors.  I'll tackle a few smaller things probably too, but nothing else inside can really happen until the drywall is up.  So now I wait with bated breath until I can start throwing paint everywhere... in probably 2 weeks.... c'est la vie flipping.

Have a wonderful weekend my dears!