Choose Your Own DIY

Summer's always a bit slow over at this here ol' blog since everyone is outside playing with kiddos, at the beach, on vacation, or generally doing warm weather things that snowmageddons don't allow, so I've been getting a bit reflective. I'm having a bit of a blog identity crisis: a blog-dentity crisis if you will.  I've been blogging for so long (since 2010!!  even if it was just my mom reading back then... Hi Mom!) that it's time to shake something up a bit, but I'm not sure quite how.  A new design that will integrate better with my design business?  Switching up the post format a bit?  Different features?  Just post pictures of adorable cats (wishful thinking)?  My mind is swirling with possibilities, but since this blog would suck without you guys,  I want you to chime in!  Tell me what you love (and might not love as much) and purty please fill out a quicky survey by clicking the button below.




Choose your own DIY!

To thank you for your general awesomeness and for taking the time to fill out the survey you guys get to pick what DIY you want to see on Monday! Leave your choice in the comments:

Vintage Scarf Bolster Pillow

Herringbone Wood 'Tile' Headboard

Metal and Chain Picture Rail


Thanks for all the love!  See ya Friday for this week's flip update and check back Monday to see what DIY you chose!