DIYs in the Wings

After a super busy weekend, I've already fried myself working overtime on the flip this week, and it's only Wednesday!!  oy.  I was totally planning to have a super stellar DIY to show off to you today, but even with all the supplies ready, these projects won't do themselves.  Soon, my dears, soon! Rest assured, though, that I have several super cool DIYs coming up that I'm excited to tackle!

One involves receipt paper,

paper to diy

another will use a sheet of wood veneer,

veneer to diy

yet another will repurpose one of these thrifted books,

books to diy

and the one I'm most eager to do has something to do with this antique horn.

horn to diy

Are you intrigued?  Hopefully I've piqued your interest enough for you to come back on Monday to see which I tackled first!

See you Friday with Frankie the Fliphouse's latest (super sexy) updates!