DIY Book Dock

What do you get when you mix a thrifted book and an exacto knife with a diy addict? Obviously, you get an iphone dock. Duh!

DIY iphone dock 3

Ok, so maybe that wasn't so obvious... but anyway...

I was very sick of just having a lone charger cable snaking around on my night stand, so I decided to do something about it.  I found this book at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a whopping 50 cents and it had a very pretty cover.  Don't even ask me what stories are inside, because I didn't even pay attention- I'd have to look at the spine to answer that, all I know is that the cover is very pretty.

I started by determining where I wanted my iphone to sit and tracing the bottom (with it's cover on).

DIY iphone dock book

Next comes the fun part!  Start cutting!  I should have used a new exacto blade for cleaner cuts, but I didn't.  My only excuse is laziness- finding a new blade would've taken me like 5 minutes- ain't nobody got time for that!

DIY iphone dock cuts

Once that was deep enough to hold the phone upright on it's own, I started on the hole for the cable itself.

DIY iphone dock hole

I started very neatly with the exacto, but when I realized it would take me half the day to make such a small hole through so many layers of paper, I busted out the drill.  #ilovepowertools.  The drill wasn't as neat, but it got the job done!  Warning: drilling paper creates a lot of dust.

DIY iphone dock drill

Once I was able to fit the connection part in the aforementioned hole, I needed to cut a channel for the cord to exit (very technical, you see)

DIY iphone dock cord

When I closed the book, the cord was nicely tucked in and the lightning connection was sticking out the top of the phone slot like so.

DIY iphone dock book2

All that was left was to move it to my nightstand, plug it in, and style!

DIY iphone dock 1

DIY iphone dock nightstand

The lamp may or may not be another DIY target in the near future.  (hint: it may also involved the wood veneer I showed you last week)

Everything looks so much neater without stray charging cables hanging around.  Bonus: now I don't have to worry about the cable sliding off the table and having to fish it off the floor or from behind the nightstand!  Win-win!

DIY iphone dock 2