Dining Evolution


I am pleased and astonished to announce..... the dining room is DONE (well, as done as any room in this designers house gets) In the 3 years we've lived in this house, the dining room has been through several evolutions to get to this point.

The first iteration was the "drop what we have in the existing space" method.  Not terrible, but it always felt dark and drab (aka SO not us!)

dining room beginnings

The second iteration was a HUGE step in the right direction.  I added picture rail around the room and painted the walls an awesome (in my humble opinion) purple.  Even though the walls are a darker color, somehow the room felt larger and brighter.


dining room progress

Then I made an attempt to finish the space with chairs and a new chandelier, but something felt off still. *coughTABLEcough*

dining room updates

Which brings us to today.  A proper photoshoot of this space is necessary, but I'm just so excited to share the space with you that I can't wait!

bright fun dining room

Well hello, sexy, refinished, correctly proportioned table.  (Check it out pre-modification/refinishing here)

refinished dining table

I have also started using the picture rail for its intended purpose- imagine that!

dining room redesign

Of course since I never leave well enough alone, I may modify the chair color at some point, and install a built-in liquor cabinet on the far wall.  But for now, the space finally feels appropriate to us and the house.  It's about time!

I really apologize for the quality of these photos- with the high color contrast and the position of the room in the house, I just can't figure out the best light and camera settings- any suggestions??