Dining Dressings

Thank you guys so much for all your support of my Big News on Monday! In addition to my new job, this transition will also mean great things for this blog!  The most obvious thing is that I'll be able to blog about my flip house.  I don't know how to tile a bathroom...yet...but you can rest assured that I'll tell you all about it.  In more detail than you'd probably ever ask for.  The other blogging perks that come with my career shift is that I'll have more flexibility to work on projects, take photos in the daylight (kind of hard when its dark by the time you get home from a 9to5), and generally blog the way I really want to blog.

Until we close on our first flip house on Valentine's day, I've been naturally keeping my mind busy (much to Hubby's dismay) planning a few projects here.  One design target is the dining room.  I've been thinking about curtains in the dining room for quite a while.  It's felt pretty naked in there since it's wall make-over, but I really wanted to step back and see what curtains, if any, the room wanted.

dining room updates

I had been thinking about one curtain per window to keep the space open and bright but still add some softness.  A few months ago, I saw this dining room on Pinterest and it confirmed my plans.

regal dining room

It wasn't until I noticed today that West Elm is having an amazing curtain sale that I decided to finally pull the trigger.  The dining room's been naked long enough.  Now I just have to decide what I really want (the hardest part!)

These have a nice, subtle pattern, but may be too beige for the room.

west elm curtain1

Simple and elegant.  Too simple?

west elm curtain3

Normally I'm not drawn to florals, but the watercolor feel to this one appeals to me in some way.

west elm curtain2

I'm not sure if any of these are quite right, but my design brain is on the job!  With you as my witnesses, I vow that the dining room will have curtains by the time I refocus my energies to the flip house.

West Elm curtains 1/2/3