Big News // Flipping Crazy

I have BIG NEWS!!! I've been absolutely dying to share this news with you, but I needed all the pieces to fall into place first.  Nope, not preggo- I'm not drinking that water just yet... For years I've said that I studied interior design because the idea of sitting behind a desk all day made my skin crawl.  After 6+ years of doing just that, the effect is still the same.  I had a great job with great people and I love design, but finally admitted to myself that the corporate side of design is not what makes my heart sing.  Way to trust your instincts, Karen.

So I quit my job to start flipping houses.  (Holy cow, actually typing that sentence is surreal...)

inhale exhale

I just gave my 2 weeks notice at the 9to5 to start our new venture.  Hubby and I are flipping crazy (pun intended) and I think we're just crazy enough to make it work.  We've been talking for years about how we'd love to get into house flipping, well, now's the time!  We close on our first flip house on Valentine's Day!!!!

Hubby's staying at his job so we can fund this project and I'll be doing the day-to-day project managing and as much manual labor I can handle.  As funny as it sounds, the scariest part of this for me isn't the second house that we're about to own, or the pressure to fix it fast, it was actually quitting my job.  Change is scary, and this one's a BIG matza ball.  A very good and exciting matza ball!

those who do

So excited to get this adventure started!

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