Desk Rehab- part 1

Somehow, in 4 days off from the 9to5, I spent less time at home than I would have working 4 days.  I'm sure my home and kitties are feeling neglected. I did take some baby steps on projects, though.  I made positive progress on Hubby's new monitor/gallery wall (yay!) and I started tackling my secretary desk.

The desk will be the perfect piece for my new office once I make it a working desk.  Currently the desk surface is unusable due to misplaced hinges and cracked wood- totally fixable!

broken desk

First step to making it usable for its intended purpose and not just a very large paper weight was to disassemble it a bit to remove the cracked worksurface.

deskless desk

In the next few weeks, I'll use Handy Dad's tools (and maybe Handy Dad himself) to replace the damaged section of wood.

desk pieces

Amongst the thick layers of dust inside, the desk also had a hidden surprise: a vintage note card and envelope wedged above the interior shelves.  It's blank inside, but the art on it is just so lovely.

found card

It's screaming "please frame me" (but its screaming in a very dainty, respectful voice...since it gives off such a dainty, respectful 50s housewife vibe in my opinion).

I can't wait to get my desk refinished!  I have an AWESOME idea for the style of it that involves both paint and stain.

Did you get any projects started over the holiday weekend?  or have you ever found any hidden treasures in vintage pieces?  share!