Design Target: Porch

In the past 2 summers living in this house, we've done a lot to our postage sized outdoor space. Our tiny front porch always escaped the project list since it was in decent shape.  Until now.  The floor is suddenly (or not so suddenly) in desperate need of new stain and there are spots on the trim where wood rot is daring to show it's face.  Really, the porch decided to put itself on this summer's to-do list.  It was sick of being neglected.

I haven't yet tackled this project since the weather is still flip flopping from gorgeous to cold (make up your mind New England!), but I'm working on the plans.

porch 2

porch 1

porch 3

Hubs still thinks nothings wrong with the porch.  I, however, know once I spruce the porch up a bit, Hubby will see what it could have been all along.

My plans for this space include

  • new seating for 2 (either 1 bench or 2 smaller chairs)
  • side table- most likely a ceramic pop of color
  • new light
  • repaint trim & ceiling
  • stain floor
  • new mailbox or mailbox makeover

I've been keeping my eyes open for the perfect seating.  Nothing yet, but once I find the seating, I think it'll catapult the rest of the space forward.  Maybe I'll find some gems for the porch at Brimfield this week!

I'm excited to get this project started!