Design Kryptonite

I've spent so much time in corporate design that the finessing that residential requires has become my kryptonite.  Ironically, that finessing is what drew me to design in the first place.  Hm.  Ok, maybe kryptonite isn't the right term.  I LOVE that stuff, but its my design weakness.  When I say 'that stuff', I generally mean 'interior styling.'  It's what I admire most in other designers.  It's what I notice first in any space.  It's the antithesis of a corporate cubicle farm or healthcare space.  I'm beyond out of practice. I have lofty goals of styling the house perfectly for the housewarming on Sunday.  Its current state is chaos.

As I go through the house cleaning to make it presentable, I've been taking all the decorate pieces and putting them aside.  The dining room table currently houses unused mirrors, frames, and a few other random items.  The tv stand currently sports some pottery, candle holders and misc decorative items, and the shelf in the office is where every other decorative knickknack sits in disarray.  Each of these items need a strategic placement in the house and juxtaposition (love that word!) with other items and I've been putting off this task until all the dirty work of cleaning is done.  Strategic placement will no doubt be the most fun part of housewarming prep, but also the most challenging.

I've been looking to other designers and blogs for inspiration to spark my styling creativity, so I thought I would share some inspiration as I gear up to style my own space.

Ok, I admit it.  I have a huge style-crush on Emily Henderson from HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist.  The above image is from episode 7.  The below is episode 11.

I also love that she gives you all her sources on her blog.

Pinterest is also dangerously addicting for finding inspiration.

Source: via Aria on Pinterest


I could go on, and on.

Hope these inspire you for the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for some nice weather!