Because I'm Crazy

This week has been a countdown of last minute projects leading up to our housewarming on Sunday.  The 9to5 has been pretty quiet the past few days, giving me plenty of time to think about my To Do list (not a safe pastime). After creating a checklist yesterday and banging out a few things on the list and crossing off another (no, Self, you do NOT have time to sew curtains for the bedroom before Sunday), I decided it needed a place to be seen so I would stay on track.  I debated all evening if I really wanted to be this crazy, but I decided that I did.  Don't judge.

Yup.  I totally taped my To Do list and a pen to the wall by the stairs where I would see it.  I figured this way, I couldn't ignore the list, and it would motivate me to want to cross items off the list over the next 3 days.

Can't say Hubby is too happy with my temporary wall art, but he's smart enough to let it be until Sunday.

What crazy habits keep you on track and motivated when you're working toward a goal?