Craigslist Window Shopping

It's been a while since I shared with you some of the wonders that Craigslist has to offer, and there certainly are some awesome finds currently here in the Boston area. craigslist mid century instamatic corner unit

At $200, this Mid Century Modern Motorola Insta-matic corner unit is certainly not a steal, but not a ridiculous price either.  The seller here was very smart and suggested this be reworked into a corner bar.  I think I'd be sad to see the tv go, but the shape of it is what really charms me anyway- like those legs, hubba hubba!

safari campain chairs

Can someone please go buy these Safari chairs?  I don't need them, have no place for them, and they aren't particularly my style, but for that price, someone needs to rescue them and put them in an amazing room.  Looks like they could use reuphostering or at the very least a DEEP clean, but these guys are just chic.  Emily Henderson could work magic with these chairs!

vinyl and chrome swivel dining chairs

These are not normally what I gravitate to, but I can totally picture this set (reupholstered to match) sitting around a rather traditional wooden dining table with turned legs.  The chrome and curves would be such an unexpected juxtaposition next to a table like that, but I know it would be amazing.  Six for $300 makes them $50 a piece which is actually pretty reasonable before you factor in reupholstery.

carved wood sofa set

Now THIS is what I'm usually drawn to, and I really really wish I had a storage unit for these guys.  That way I could hoard them away until I had the right room, client, or project.  I hope they don't go to waste, it might make me cry.  For $150, you get the sofa, loveseat and 2 chairs!  Although I'd break up the set, that is an deal.  I think the buttons on the cushions may be my favorite part.  Hubby's favorite part would be the carved wood (amIright?).

converted ironing board cabinet

And speaking of what I'm drawn to- I'm working really hard to resist this (because I really don't need it), but how cute is this old cabinet??  I can pretty much guarantee you that it was an old ironing board cabinet that was converted with shelves.  Adorable.  I even love the gray.  Not for this house though, maybe next house.

ironing bench

Did someone say ironing?  I had no idea that this even existed- an iron board bench!  Color me entertained.  $100 sounds like a decent deal for something so unexpected!

I'd better step away from Craigslist now, before I end up stumbling across something that I really can't walk away from.  After a kitchen renovation, my wallet should to take a bit of a vacation.

Have you found any gems (or just ridiculous postings) on Craigslist lately?  I'd love to hear all about it!