Announcing Serendipity Vintage!

This week I've been working to get my etsy shop up and running- I'm still adding items daily, but, I present to you: Serendipity Vintage!


I even shipped my first sale yesterday!  Is it weird that I was sad to see it go?  I do think it was one of the coolest pieces I had purchased for the shop, so I guess it's only fitting that it was the first to sell.


I'll just have to make it my mission to find more gems like this!  I do have one more trophy available currently: household-trophy1Wouldn't it look dreamy styled on a bookshelf?  And how about this sweet candy dish? Perfect to drop your keys in by the door.depression-candy3And would you like to learn how to be a 1950s Handyman?handyman2I could go on for days about all my cool finds, but I'll spare you the lengthy post and let you go check them out for yourself.  I'll be putting a link to Serendipity Vintage over on my sidebar and will be adding more items over the next few days (and of course as I collect new items) so be sure to keep checking back.I hope people will buy these items and love them as much as I do!