Craigslist Treasure-hunting

I love spring.  Spring means sunshine, flowers, warmth, and most importantly, TAG SALES!!  The tag sale season has yet to start here (since the weather is still making up its mind about spring), but I am ready and rearing to go!  I've been spending a bit more time on craigslist, lately, since I can't wait for the actual tag sales to begin.  Although I haven't bought any new pieces (yet), it's been a while since I shared with you one of my craigslist 'shopping trips.'

  • I'm thinking about taking this guy home with me for $75.  Hubby's still not sold on a new dining table, but I think this could look rather sharp.  Mixing some good ol' midcentury modern in with my traditional room might be just what the design doctor (me) ordered.

cl mcm dining table

  • This industrial storage piece is beautiful, but overpriced at $300.  I'm sure someone will be willing to pay for this awesome piece, but I'm looking for tag sale prices here.  I want a deal! I'd adopt it for $100 - $150 tops.

cl industrial cabinet

  • Don't you think this weathervane is a STEAL at $299??  Everyone needs a copper dachshund to class up their roof..... (what??)

cl dog weathervane

  • This is listed for sale for $100, although I think you'd have to pay me $1000 to be anywhere near it.  How do you make classic art creepy?  Like this!

cl mona lisa

Now that I'm scarred for life by the Mona Lisa, how about another awesome industrial storage piece.

  • At $275, the price isn't bad for the size.  I wouldn't be able to justify the price for my basement work area, so I'll just fantasize about it instead.  Perhaps I could build something similar this summer.  Perhaps.

cl industrial storage

Have you purchased any awesome pieces lately on Craigslist?  Or have you just been scarred by Monstrous Mona Lisa like I have?