Concrete Tile Art

Now that the new railing is installed and the 12' entry and stairwell are painted (phew!), the upstairs hall was screaming for something special.  While I enjoyed the previous acoustic tile 'art' that had been chilling there for 3 years, it's time for an upgrade. When I purchased my antique newel posts, I also made an impulse purchase- 4 salvaged concrete tiles.  Seriously impulse- they had a single concrete tile sitting at the checkout, so when I went to buy the posts it was love at first sight.  They pointed me to the pile of 20 and I shoveled through the broken or hopelessly chipped and rescued the best 4.


Once home, then I started trying to devise a plan of how to hang concrete on a wall.  My mind went through tons of complicated contraptions and finally settled on the simplest solution.  Gorilla Glue, wood, & 3m picture hangers.                   *side note* No sponsors, just trusty products that I keep finding new uses for

The back of the tiles were jagged- let's call it rustic.


The picture hangers wouldn't stand a chance sticking on the concrete, so I needed to provide them a flat surface to adhere to: wood.  And what better way to get wood and concrete to marry than some serious glue.


After spending several hours stacked with a lead weight on top, the romance between wood and concrete became enduring.


Next came picture hangers rated for 12lbs.  Each concrete tile isn't even close to 12lbs, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I think I'd cry if these things came crashing down on my gorgeous, but soft refinished pine floors.


I'm so happy to see this new art hanging at the top of the stairs!

Concrete tile art

Concrete tile art

What's even more exciting is: if I get sick of the pattern as it currently stands, I just need to flip the tiles (requiring no modifications or reconfiguring to hang differently thanks to the picture strips) and a new pattern emerges.

Concrete tile art- alt pattern

How cool is that?

I can't help but wonder about their origin.  Were they in grand foyer perhaps?  Or maybe a posh powder room?  I wish I could have seen them in all their original glory!