Color Blocking

While I'm trying to muster up the energy to dig my trusty, less than real, Christmas tree out of the basement abyss, I decided to brighten up another area in my house.  The top of the stairway now has a lively pop of seudo-DIY color blocking art. stair tile art

I call it seudo-DIY, since all I really did was cut it down to size and put it in an IKEA frame, but this piece is a great example that anything can be art.  This awesome pop of personality started its life as one of the most personality-less items that you see it most commercial interiors.  It's an acoustic ceiling tile.  Didn't see that one coming did you?  This particular tile was meant to be a color palette for all the available tile colors.

I couldn't very well let it get thrown away when it would look so good hanging on my wall!

color tile art

This color blocked art is a great transition from the neutral stairway into Hubby's now restyled office.

tile art office peak

Yup, I said restyled.  I finally put the finishing touches on his new dual monitor gallery wall and did some geektastic styling on the bookshelves.  You're not a real designer unless you can style a shelf with Transformers and D&D books.  Just sayin.  Check back tomorrow to see the big reveal!