Clark: Week 4

I can't believe it's week 4 already!  (check out previous progress here) I've been doing a lot of flooring.


But I'm VERY pleased to say the kitchen and hall floors are DONE!!! (with the exception of closets and transitions which are ongoing)

kitchen floors 1

They make me so happy I could tap dance, but that would hurt the floors and be very counterproductive, so I won't.

I do need to shave down the bottom of the basement door, so that it can open with the new floor thickness, though.  This is what it looks like heading down to the basement- pretty wood tread.

hickory stair tread

This is where our IKEA cabinets will be installed.

kitchen floors 2

I may be the crazy person who taped out where the cabinets are going to go to help me determine what fridge size/style to buy.  May be.

kitchen layout1

I think I have it figured out, but I'm going to measure the heater when I get to the house today, just to make sure before I buy appliances.

The basement door and side door also got new door trims to match the rest of the house.  They had been replaced by the previous owner and were the only trims of a different style in the house.  No more!

door trims

This week's other accomplishments include

  • buying LOTS of supplies for the next projects at Home Depot
  • harassing the IKEA kitchen install guy to give me a date (looking like end of next week, but not set in stone yet)
  • getting more quotes from painters, electricians, gutter guys, etc
  • purchasing the granite countertop
  • more appliance research
  • and did I mention laying lots of hard wood floors?

I'm hoping next week's progress will be in leaps and bounds!