Castles and Windmills

I'm still a bit sluggish this morning, so I'm going to blame jet lag from the 6 hour time difference we were in last week.  It couldn't be that "vacation mode" is so much more relaxing than "work mode."  Just not plausible.  It's the jet lag. Before we return to our regularly scheduled program on Wednesday, I present to you: "What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation"

Last week's trip was  And I have officially crossed off 2 more items on my 30 before 30 list (Which I really need to get a move on, but I have many of them in the works, I swear....)

Not only was it my first time to Europe and the furthest I've ever traveled, it's also the most places I've gone in a week.  That's the benefit of going on a river cruise, though, each day we were in a different place, and sometimes a different country.  My favorites were Kinderdijk in The Netherlands, Cologne Germany, Heidelburg Germany, and Strasbourg France.

We were only in Kinderdijk for a few hours one chilly morning, but it was enough to take in the breathtaking view of the windmills.  I won't bore you with a history lesson, but the engineering that goes into these 270+ year old windmills is mind-blowing.

kinderdijk windmills

They are still totally functional, and, if you get proper certification and get on a long waiting list, you can even live in one of these!


Cologne was Hubby's favorite- you can't NOT be in awe of the sheer scale of the Dom Cathedral (which was started in 1248 and only completed in 1880 after a 400 year hiatus- craziness, right??)


My favorite stop by FAR was Heidelberg.  Not only was it the first sunny day all trip, it's just a beautiful place both scenically and architecturally.

philosophers walk heidelberg


Did I mention there's a castle?  Parts are in ruins and it is magical.  Parts are restored, but it will never be fully restored, because they truly believe in the "beauty of the ruin."  Mark Twain even wrote about it in his book A Tramp Abroad.

heidelberg ruins

Strasbourg felt like it was right out of a movie set.  It was a bit surreal.


I'm in love with the half-timber houses- so charming, so... Beauty and the Beast.  Don't worry though, I resisted the urge to spin around in a full skirt whilst singing.  It was tough though.


Now I'm back from the fairy tale and ready to jump back into flipping with renewed motivation.  This flip won't know what hit him!