Blogland Inspiration


I owe you guys some serious DIYs.  Longer days and warmer weather (at long last) always lights a fire under me, though, so I'll be DIYing like crazy soon!  Until then, I thought I'd share a few things to inspire from around blog land. Please pin responsibly and from the original sources that I have linked to.  Muchos gracias!!!

1.  A Beautiful Mess's studio bathroom make-over.  If you aren't jealous of the fact that they bought a beautiful old house to use as a studio/project space for their blog then you're probably lying to yourself.  Swoon away.

a beautiful mess studio bathroom

2. Jen over at The Chronicles of Home breathed new life into this amazing navy sofa.  Definitely going to make me look at worn fabrics in a different light.

chronicles of home sofa

3. I think I might need to adopt this desktop wallpaper from DesignLoveFest.... since, ya know, I've been apparently spraying everything gold...

all gold

4. Local Boston designer, Stephanie Sabbe hit a home run with this amazing city kitchen renovation.  The before was not terrible, but the after is to die for.  Click over to check out the full space which was also just featured in the Boston Globe!

sabbe kitchen

Ok, Monday, let's do this!