Accidential Appliances

So have you noticed that I never talk about my kitchen? It's been a little bit of a thorn in my side for the past 2 years.  It's a nice kitchen.  Nice.  It's not bad enough or cheap enough of a fix for it to be at the top of my to do list, but it's always there taunting me. (What, your kitchen never taunts you?  lucky).  On the surface, it doesn't look too bad. kitchen before

The last time I really showed you a picture of it was right after we moved when I showed how we added a dishwasher.  We've done no other work in there.  No paint, no lights, no real design whatsoever, and it doesn't look bad.  The countertop is a nice composite stone that we're really happy with, and the cabinets look nice if you don't look too close or want to organize your items efficiently.  The key there is "if you don't look too close."  It's when you look deeper that you find issues.

Ignoring my ongoing feud with the cabinets (solid wood, laminate and veneer all within 1 square inch? what were you thinking??), the 2 greatest offenders in the space are the fridge and the stove.  There's only so many veggie-sickles you can pull out of the crisper drawer before you decide enough is enough.  After futzing with the temp for months, the final straw was a fully frozen head of cauliflower on Saturday night.  This last straw lead us to Sears the very next day.  Since we didn't want the fridge to feel singled out, we decided it was time for a new stove too.  Goodbye electric stove that can't cook or bake anything consistently!  Will it take twice as long as recommended to bake my cookies, or half as long as recommended?  Cooking roulette is not as fun as it sounds.

Hooray for after-holiday appliance sales!  In 2 weeks, our long-neglected kitchen is getting belated Christmas gifts.  It kind of feels like an impulse purchase since we weren't planning to buy any new appliances this weekend, but in reality we've been planning these upgrades since day one.


Why yes, that IS a gas stove.  We heart gas stoves.  Too bad our house doesn't have any gas line.  Solution? We're getting a propane tank put in our yard that will fuel the stove.  AND we got $300 off this stove because it was the last of an in-stock clearance.  I loves me a good deal!

new stove

I can't wait to get these in the space and start seeing a change in the only untouched room in the house.  AND as a bonus (for me), I'll take some REAL pictures of the kitchen for the first time.

Fridge source, stove source