79 Days Left

It has reached that point in winter when my natural inclination is to curl up in a ball on the couch, bury myself under several blanket, and hibernate until I see green outside.  If only that were socially acceptable.  Since it's unfortunately not a viable option, I need to find ways to keep myself moving.  One way that usually works for me is setting goals and deadlines. One HUGE deadline I have coming up is my 30 before 30 deadline.

T minus 79 days until I turn 30 and I've made woefully little progress on my 30 before 30 list!  Hop to it, Karen!!  Lets review:

30 before 30 pie chart

Well that speaks pretty loud- I need to start checking items off my list!!!

In my defense, a few more than 4 are in the works, but I only included the ones that are actively planned (such as a ski trip in March).

I've already checked off a few major items including several travel goals:

heidelberg river

And, although I haven't exactly accomplished instagraming every single day, I've been making an effort to regularly chronicle my life (for better or worse), which is actually quite fun.  Come follow me there!  Year of Serendipity via instagram

paint tray foot

I'm still looking for the perfect artist for my next tattoo, since the artist I REALLY want is unavailable.  I'm looking for someone in the Boston or NY area with a background in art who can make a floral tattoo look like a painting- I'm taking suggestions if you know of any!!

Several of the items on my list I'll be able to make swift action of once the weather is a bit nicer and I can spend more time outdoors:

"explore my hometown?"  I plan to hop on my bike (vintage, check!) one sunny day once the snow is all melted and explore places I've driven by and not stopped, or heard about and never been.

"buy a treasure at the Brooklyn Flea" and "picnic in Central Park?"  Not nearly as fun covered in snow, but my dearest sister-in-law should plan for some visitors in April!

Also once the weather turns nicer and the days are longer, I'll be dragging my basement furniture hoard mentioned in #16 out to our yard where the items with either face my Critter spray gun or be donated.  Sadly, the Critter is more of an outside toy, so I will wait impatiently.

I'll admit, one of the most intimidating items on my list is "establish a relationship with a mentor."  Specifically a residential design mentor.  With my background at a commercial design firm, I'm less confident when it comes to the business of residential.  I've sent several e-mails to people I admire and received either no response, or they wished me luck.  I guess this is the law of numbers though- the more I reach out to, the better my odds.

Ok, well, now that I've acknowledged my lack of progress, I'm calling myself to action!  I've got a lot to do before April 30th!

I'd love to hear from you guys!  Tips on how to get it all done?  Tattoo artist suggestions?  Mentor experiences? or just your 2 cents about my crazy list- lay it on me!