5 Ways to Quickly Update Furniture

Welcome to my new series "5 Ways"!  Once a month I'll be sharing 5 ways to do something, whether it be 5 ways to style a shelf, 5 ways to stage a house on a budget, 5 ways to make sure your husband doesn't divorce you due to all the furniture you hoard.  I'm not sure on the last one yet.  I only have one way- be cute and bat your eyelashes.  But I think you get the point of "5 ways".  If you have a topic you'd like for me to touch on, I'd love to hear it! Now, without further ado...

5 ways to quickly update furniture

1. Paint it

Painted restore dresser/island before and after

Didn't see that one coming, did you?  Paint can be the easiest way to update a piece without too much effort.  If repair isn't needed, sometimes a quick shot of spray paint can give a simple piece an instant refresh in less than an hour!

2. Switch out the hardware

IKEA kallax hack with updated hardware

A standard piece from IKEA suddenly becomes a whole lot less standard with vintage pulls.  A plain dresser can become so much more with the right jewelry!

3. Clean it up

restore-a-finish wood clean up

No, I don't always paint furniture.  Don't get me wrong, it happens rather often, but I do come across pieces that it would just be wrong to paint.  If your piece is in good shape but is just showing a bit of wear, it can be refreshed with furniture polish, rubbing walnuts on scratches (seriously), or my personal favorite- rubbing it with fine steel wool and Restore-a-finish.  It hydrates the wood, blends minor blemishes and helps the wood come back to life.

4.  Add an unexpected pop of color

mcm ombre dresser with unexpected pop of color

Oh how nice, an ombre dresser... BAM green and orange.  Maybe not the highest impact transformation, but its a bit of unexpected whimsy.  Think about adding color to the less obvious places- inside a cabinet, the side of a drawer or the back of a shelf.

5. Add some bling

gold dipped side table

Yes, I have a gold spray paint addiction.  No it's not a problem, I can quit any time... but who would want to??  Adding a bit of metallic to a piece adds instant glamour.  If your feeling gutsy, why not mix metallics?  They are all neutrals, after all!