Womp Womp

My plan for today's post was to show you the updates that I made to Hubby's office for his big 3-0 birthday this past Friday, buuuut the technology upgrades (i.e. a 2nd computer monitor) have been giving me nothing but headaches.  I just wanted to purchase a 2nd one of his current monitor (discontinued naturally), but lets just say, it's been more of a challenge than expected.  I've already exchanged 1 model and we'll probably do another exchange.... apples to apples it is not (even though the *#@!-ing model numbers are the same).  When I get it all worked out, I'll post the results (and my missteps when the wounds aren't so fresh). ...and since I'm very frustrated and feeling inspirationally drained, let's all cheer up to Surprised Kitty. An oldie but a goodie. I dare you not to smile.