Who is adult?

I don't know about you, but since I hit my mid-20s, I've started thinking about who I used to consider 'adults.'  When I was little, I thought 20 was  when I'd be an adult with it all figured out.  At 20, I thought 25 would be the 'magic age.'  I can confidently say, 25 was the age I had nothing figured out.  Now at 26, even though I know better, I still think I'll have it all figured out by 30.  Yes, yes, I hear you snickering.  I am fully aware of my delusions and I accept them.  I have friends from ages 23 to 45, and I don't think a single one would admit to being an 'adult.' Even though I have yet to reach the elusive 'magic age' of adulthood, its been lurking around corners and sneaking up on me lately.

I went to a First Time Homebuyer Seminar at a local bank yesterday which then prompted a conversation with the dear husband about when to start looking at houses.  I say January since our current lease is until May.  He says why not start looking now?  I may be openly dreaming about a house, but on the inside, I'm freaking out about such a big step!  I'm just getting used to taking care of the cutest cat ever (she is, deal with it) and I don't think my fragile psyche could take such a step right now.   I started a new job 6 months ago, the Hubby started a new job 4 months ago, and we got a cat about 3 months ago, among other things.  I am a creature of habit and there's been a lot of change!  I am mentally prepared to start looking at houses around the new year.  That I could handle.  We agreed upon starting to talk to people about financing but not actively looking yet.  Phew, mental crisis averted.  Adult commitments averted... for now.

Strangely enough, I don't consider the fact that I'm married to be a scary adult commitment.  It was a natural step that involved a big party(Woo-Hoo!)- no major soul searching involved.  Hubby and I had been together for almost 6 years prior to marriage, so being tied to him for life was an emotional commitment I had made long ago.  Picking out a house feels much more daunting!