Weekend Treasure Hunting

Saturday I was floating on a treasure-hunting high.  I spent $3.  Oh but what amazing stuff I got for $3!!!  I actually wasn't intending to go tag-saling at all on Saturday, it just kind of happened, I swear.  I needed to go to the bank, then got sidetracked.  Instead of my usual planned out tag-sale route (from listed sales on Criagslist or estatesales.net), I just started following signs around town. I ended up at a great estate sale about 10 min from home, and that's where I spend my cash.  For my THREE dollars, I got:

  • this textured "Avon" mason jar (I love the look of a mason jar above the kitchen sink with flowers from the garden.  Daisy does too.)

daisy tulip

  • an empty frame with nice details and a carved wood frame with a kinda creepy feather bird.  When I bought it, I was on the fence about the bird, but loved the frame.  Hubby totally vetoed the bird, so most likely the frame will end up with a chalkboard or something in it.

feather bird

  • my absolute favorite!!!  A vintage set of frosted colored glasses and pitcher.  I would have spent the $3 on this alone.  I would have even spent double or triple- I love this!!!  I can't wait to serve lemonade on the patio in this set- I feel like that's its calling.  Lemonade on the lanai.

vintage pitcher

I'm not sure how they made any money at the estate sale when they pretty much were giving things away, but yay for me!

And speaking of giving things away.... as I was on my way home grinning ear to ear about my cheap haul, I came across 2 things out at the curb.  for free.

free vanity

free light

an IKEA sink and vanity and a vanity light. I was in disbelief that these were on the curb to go that I asked a gentleman who was in the back yard and it was confirmed- take em!

Obviously the homeowner was redoing the bathroom and I got to reap the benefits.  I grabbed the vanity with my parents in mind: they've been commenting about needing a sink in their basement to use for light utility purposes.  The sink may not be what they ultimately want, but the price is right until they find something that better fits the bill.  I wouldn't pick out the light individually, but I could totally make it work in a flip bathroom and again, the price was right!  It's in perfect condition, just obviously a style the homeowners were over.  I'll pull a 'Tim Gunn' and "make it work" in a future flip- I can see it already: oval medicine cabinet with vintage accents in the rest of the room.

I think I spent more in gas following tag sale signs that I actually spent on all my treasures!  I have some DIYing to do to make these amazing and show you the transformations.

I love coming home with a car full of treasures and spending just a few dollar bills!