Wednesday Randomness

I can't believe it's Wednesday- I finally feel almost caught up from the weekend.  My weekend was a roadtrip to Atlantic City for my BFF's bachelorette party.  I'm not much of a drinker, so it's the late night and LOONG drive that wiped me out.  If you follow me on instagram, you saw my weekend in pics and how much I'm enjoying my new iphone. AC instagrams

YAY, a phone that actually works!  And it has a pretty new case too. (I ended up buying this one)

new iphone case

Aside from my new phone, I have another new favorite:  gel manicures.  This DIYer's new best friend.

I'm not generally an uber girly girl- I didn't get my first manicure until college, and pedicure was only a few years ago.  Obviously, being pampered is fun, but I'm cheap, so normally I'll just do my own nails, especially since I'm so hard on them.  Whether I do them myself or pay a pretty penny, manicures generally only last a few days MAX.  It usually peels of the second I get my hands covered in paint, or I scrape it off inadvertently with sandpaper, or I just chip them by scratching something with my nail, or... you get the idea.

gel mani

Enter the gel manicure (shelac or whatever brand that salon might carry).  This is my second gel manicure ever (got it done in AC this time) and I've loved it both times.  Granted, I'm sure I'll still kill the manicure sooner than someone who's a bit more gentle on themselves, but it's been since Saturday and it's still looking very pretty- already double the longevity of a normal mani.  So far it's held up to power tools, sandpaper, paint, and caulk!  I almost want to see what else I can do to them to see how they hold up!