Vintage Goodies!

After talking about it for months and months and months, I'm finally deciding to bite the bullet and open an etsy shop of vintagey goodness!  If you follow me on facebook, this isn't new news, but I'm VERY close to having enough inventory to open shop (thanks to a few stellar estate sales and thrift finds) and I'm super duper excited!!  I'll even throw in a few more exclamation points for effect !!!!! Here are a few of the goodies that will be available:

shop peek

Does the purple glass bowl look familiar?  Its twin is sitting in my office cubbies, but this one I got an amazing deal with a collection of stuff at an estate sale, so if you buy it, we can be purple bowl twinsies!  (sorry, the cheese-o-meter just went off the charts)

I can't divulge all my secrets until the shop's off the ground- I have a few things up my sleeve, but these are a few of my new faves:

vintage safety deposit boxes


vintage driving goggles

Why yes, those are vintage driving goggles and I'm very tempted to just start wearing them around the house.  That wouldn't be weird or anything, right?

Right now I'm a bit stuck on a shop name- all my good ideas have already been taken, so I need to get creative.  Any suggestions?