Tighten up!

Now that the dining room is trimmed and painted, I surprisingly have no more large projects in immediate the pipeline.  Shocking, I know. I do have 2 items that are high on my To Do list, however.

The first is studying for the NCIDQ exam.  NCIDQ= National Council for Interior Design Qualification.  Its a 2 day long, expensive exam that I'm still not convinced will help my career, but it certainly won't hurt it.  After 3 years of putting it off, it was time to (pardon my french) sh*t or get off the pot, so I registered for the exam in Sept.  There's no turning back now!  Guess that mean's I need to turn my studying up to high gear.

The second thing on my To Do list (and much more exciting than studying) is dining room chairs!  The room is painted, so I guess it's time to finally do something with the 6 chairs hanging out in my basement awaiting refinishing.  I just got some of this stuff that's meant glue and swell the wood, generally tightening up all the joints.

I've never tried it before, but Handy Dad recommended a similar product (which I couldn't find anywhere).  We'll see how it goes, since all 6 chairs are in need of TLC.  Chair repair is another new frontier for me, so naturally I'll let you know how it works out (or doesn't work out).

Once refinished and upholstered in the same colors and fabrics, this collection of chairs is going to be AMAZING in the dining room, don't you think?