The Gang's All Here!

I've been talking about my collection of mismatched dining chairs for what seems like years now.  Even before we moved to the house, I knew I wanted mismatched chairs finished in the same color with the same seat upholstery.  I started collecting chairs shortly after we moved.  Now that the dining room is finally coming together, I'm finally getting my act together with my chairs.  I have 6 total to refinish, but only 4 will be regulars (in addition to our 2 new upholstered chairs).  The extra 2 will be for the rare occasions when we have more than 6 people dining. Meet the chosen 4

chair collection

They are finally repaired and sturdy, and waiting to be primed and painted.  There's a lot of pieces around here waiting for the same.  Guess I'll be painting furniture all winter.  There are worse ways to spend my hibernation months.