A Little off the Sides

This past week I've had to make the mental shift back to full time flipper in preparation for Frankie.  On this project, I'm attempting to do a little less 'hands on' and hire a bit more out so I can focus more on the project management and the schedule.  Not exactly the fun stuff, but certainly the necessary stuff if I don't want to burn out on flipping after only 2 houses- Don't worry, though I can't help but be hands on and I'm excited to get started!!!!  Hopefully the closing will stay on schedule for Wednesday and we can get started right away.  You know what that means?  Weekly  Flip updates will restart this Friday!!! Until then, I'm still trying to get a few things knocked off my to-do list.  Like trimming down my new dining room table!

If you remember, this is where it was a few days ago.  I didn't actually mind the size too much, but I felt that the large overhang on each end made the legs less of a focal point (detail oriented obsessions of the designer mind).  And since those legs are the best part about the table, I devised a plan.

new table before

I feel like I should note- I didn't feel too bad about modifying an antique table since it had already been modified.  It started it's life as a drop-leaf, gate leg table like this one and was modified in recent history to be fixed.  I just wanted to customize it one step further.

taped table

The plan was to trim down the table on all 4 sides  (so that there was an even 3" overhang on all sides, unlike previously) and rounded the corners.  As with most of my woodworking projects, I enlisted Handy Dad's help to make sure I didn't screw it up.

We used a circular saw to trim the sides, and clamped on a guide that Dad had created to ensure a straight line.  I swear one of these days I'll have him share the tutorial for the guide- its a simple, but very effective tool.

table cutting guide

Taking turns wielding the power tools, Dad and I cut the sides with the circular saw,

table trimming dad

rounded the corners carefully with a jig saw, and router-ed the top edge all around with a simple bullnose.

table routing

And there was sanding.  Lots and lots of sanding the new edge to make it smooth as a baby's bottom.

I still have to refinish or partially refinish the top and unfinished edges, but until then it's back in place in the dining room.

trimmed table after

It's not a drastic change, but it feels right in my opinion.  Before it felt like an oversized top plopped on some really cool legs.  Now it looks like it was always meant to be a table of this size (or at least I think so).  And it's going to look even better once I get the top all refinished!

I'd love to hear what you think- would you have trimmed down the table or left it as is?