To Infinity

Not beyond today, just infinity. This Christmas, I decided to have a bit of fun and make more gifts than I usually do.  In addition to all my boys (Hubby, Dad, nephew and brother-in-law) getting hand-knitted hats, several of my friends also received hand-made infinity scarfs.  I made it up as I went, but now it's kind of addicting since it was so easy.  If you can sew 2 straight lines you can make an infinity scarf.

infinity scarf tools

I started with a yard of jersey fabric.  1 yard length of fabric can vary in width- all of the fabrics I used for scarfs were around 59" wide.  Since I don't really have the floor space to layout fabric and photograph properly (and I had my sketchbook handy from my living room sketch) I decided to draw up some quick directions.

Open up the fabric and fold it length-wise (right sides together).  After testing a few stitches on a scrap of fabric, I decided to use a zig-zag stitch so that there would still be a little stretch in the seams.

infinity scarf step 1

Sew down the long side of your fabric to create a long tube.

infinity sewing

With the tube, you'll need to fold the fabric again, but a little differently this time (cuz remember, it's inside out).  You'll want to fold the bottom of your tube inside  so the bottom edge meets your top edge and you still have a tube.  I hope this makes sense- this is the step I wasn't 100% sure would work, but it totally did.  Sew your 2 layers together around the tube, leaving a few inches open so you can turn it right-side-out.

infinity scarf step 2

Do not just sew a straight line here across the top with all 4 layers.  Just won't work.  It won't be a tube anymore and no more tube means no more scarf.

Invert it all through the opening and you'll see an infinity scarf!!  See, I told you it was easy!

infinity scarf opening

To finish, hand sew your opening shut (I like to use an invisible stitch that my mom taught me, much like this one).

And voila, your neck will never be cold again!  Ok, maybe I'm overselling a bit, but for such a simple project, it has a great result.

infinity scarfs

I think I made 4 in an hour, and that includes distractions for kittens and tv.  If I hadn't run out of fabric, I would have kept going!

And here's my attempt at modeling my new scarf without being too awkward (yup a headless camera selfie in the mirror, I'm cool like that....)

DIY infinity scarf tutorial

Have I inspired you to give it a try?  I hope so... making scarfs is fun... all the cool kids are doing it.