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BHG DIY Pinning

I'm kind of excited- BHG invited me to be a part of their stellar pinterest community.  I'll be pinning to 2 of their boards: BHG's Best DIY Ideas as well as Blogger's Best DIY Ideas.  The other pinners on these boards include some of my favorite bloggers- Michelle from Decor and the Dog, Chelsea from Lovely Indeed, Carrie from Dream Green DIY, Caitlin from Desert Domicile, Brittni from Paper & Stitch, and Kelly from Studio DIY.  Somehow I've hoodwinked BHG into including me in that group- sweet! In addition to pinning to these curated boards, I'm also planning to use them for my own inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorite pins currently:

**Please pin responsibly and from the original source.  Gracias!**

Yellow patterned wallpaper entry via Better Homes and Gardens

That wallpaper just makes me happy.  An entire room in this pattern might get overwhelming, but a feature wall is simply stunning.

IKEA book cases turned built-ins via Bliss at Home

I am officially a sucker for build-in book cases.  I love how she took these IKEA book cases and made them custom!

Rustic industrial shelving via 7th House on the Left

On the topic of shelves- these rustic/industrial super easy shelves just go to show that style doesn't have to mean difficult.  If you can hang an IKEA shelf, you can hang these.

Now excuse me while I daydream that this is my laundry room.  There is approximately a 0.0% chance that my laundry area in the basement of my 114+ year old home will ever look remotely like this.

Stylish laundry room tips via Better Homes and Gardens

Pop by and visit BHG's BHG's Best DIY Ideas and Blogger's Best DIY Ideas boards to get some DIY ideas and inspiration for you own projects (and maybe discover a few new bloggers to check out too)!



You'll have to excuse me this week- as the first week back in full-on flip mode, my smashy smashy work/life/diy balance is a bit thrown off.  When my mind gets a bit overwhelmed, I always find that taking a few calm moments to peruse Pinterest or a magazine helps to get me refocused, so that's exactly what I'm sharing with you today. Let's all get zen and refocus.

I found this on Pinterest yesterday and was instantly in love.

Glamorous Housewife Dining Room

This is the dining room of The Glamorous Housewife as featured in Country Living Mag.

I don't think I've ever seen a rustic table and fiberglass chairs ever look so sophisticated!  If I was in the market for a new house, I'd probably buy this one JUST for that built-in!  Hubba hubba is she a looker!  Oh dear, that's 3 sentences with exclamation points in a row- dial down the excitement, Karen.

Aaanyway....  aside from the built-in that I'd give my first born for, my favorite element in the space is the wallpapered ceiling.  Whimsical meets sophisticated in just the right balance.  I think that's actually the theme of this room.  It's playful, rustic, and ridiculously chic all at the same time.

Well done!

Are we all feeling calmer now?  Hopefully we're all in a good place now to take on Monday.  Have a great week!