It's rather hard to paint a porch in about 1000% humidity and scattered thunderstorms.  I have succeeded in painting the ceiling, but mother nature is getting in my way from finishing the project. I keep forgetting to tell you, though, about an awesome product that I used out at Clark the flip house!  This isn't a sponsored post- in fact the company doesn't even know I exist, but I was so excited to use the product (and pleased with the result!) that I had to share!

Did you know that places exist that recycle paint?  I'm not talking about using every last drop of a dated color, I'm talking about breaking down your old latex paint and giving it a new life as a new paint in a fresh, modern color.  The Paint Exchange in North Scituate is the only place of the kind in Massachusetts.  I discovered them through my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I'm hooked!


I used their ReColor 100% recycled latex paint in as many areas as I could in Clark- the living room and bedrooms.  (When it was time to get the paint for the kitchen and bath, the ReStore was all out of the ReColor paint, sadly)

The paint comes in some awesome fresh colors including- canvas (the deliciously creamy color that I used in the living room), cloud (soft gray of 2 of the bedrooms), summer (sunny, but not too bright color that I used in the master bedroom), glass (inspired the color for the kitchen even though it was unavailable when I needed it), and pebble (a delightful mushroom gray which I would LOVE to use in the future but was too dark for Clark); there's also an off-white and a red that the names escape me.  There's probably a few more colors that I'm forgetting too.  Point being: they have quite a selection of versatile colors.

I really wanted to try this paint out, but I was skeptical at first, so I just started with 1 gallon.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  The paint is very thick and offers better coverage than most of the paints I've used from the big box stores (and I've tried a lot).


In the living room, I was able to stretch one can into 1.5 coats and the walls look flawless- even though I should have primed the burnt yuk color first.


In the bedrooms, I did 2 coats in each.


I've never found a paint that truly covers in just 1 coat (despite any ads that boast paint and primer in one), so I was happy with the total and complete coverage given by 2 coats of the reColor paint.


The sales guy at the reStore told me that he's heard this paint compared to Benjamin Moore and honestly, I wouldn't argue. At a fraction of the price at $18 a gallon this paint was worth every penny!

I know not all of you live in MA, but if you don't I would highly encourage you to check out if any places/products like this exist by you!