Knitty Gritty

Rainy, gloomy, colder weather is not really the most motivating.  The only thing it's motivating me to do (aside from wear oversized sweatshirts and hibernate) is think about some knitting projects I'm planning.  (although as I write this, the sun is poking it's head out, warming up and making me a liar......) Anyway... I learned how to knit just over a year ago as part of a group through my old 9to5 job.  I wouldn't consider myself a knitter, although it can get addicting.  I've only completed a few projects, but I'm being requested a do-over on one.  A winter hat for the cutest nephew ever.

Cutest Nephew Winter Hat

Since my sister stubbornly insists on feeding this kid regularly, he is now too big for his lovingly made hat.  My dad has also requested one.  I need to make less cute hats next time so no one'll want them.  Oh well.  I'm thinking of making several of these hats (time permitting) in varied sizes.  How cute would it be if Eli, Daddy, & Papa all had versions of the same hat?  (not too cheesy, I hope)  Get knitting Auntie Karen!

I also need to get on a project for myself that I started last year- cable knit fingerless gloves.  Last year I started a trial and error with this one.  I attempted to follow the pattern, but either I did it wrong or it needs some modification (maybe both).

My first try (the unfinished one) was with larger needles and has an oversized, cumbersome thumb.

cable knit fingerless gloves progress

The second try was with a smaller needle and I tried something different with the thumb- it was VERY close, but too tight.  Basically, I need to attempt to remember what improvising I did on this one, and replicate it with a larger needle or yarn.

cable knit fingerless glove

If it wasn't a hair too tight, it would be near perfect.  How cute is it?  Oh, and I would need to make a pair, not just one.  Details, details.

Here I go again talking about projects that I'm planning to do instead of actually doing.  I need to get my rear moving on personal projects, though- if our next flip-house prospect pans out, I'll only have a few weeks to check things off my to-do list.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!