Playing in the Dirt

I've been in 'clean up and purge' mode lately.  On the rotten days this past week I've been working my way through the basement (and have the purge pile in the dining room to show for it, much to Hubby's dismay) and on nice days working my way through the yard.  Because our yard is so tiny, one overgrown bush makes you feel like you're in the jungle.  Several overgrown bushes and leaves collected in the flower beds make me feel like the yard is closing in.  Luckily, it was nice enough this weekend to attack almost the entire yard with my hedge trimmers, clippers, and rake.  The yard no longer makes me twitch!  Still have weeding to do on the veggie garden side and mulch EVERYTHING, but it's starting to look more like a yard/patio, and less like the great outdoors.  I also spent a lot of time planting in the last few days. Replanting annuals in the font garden that were in danger of being smothered by the monster Hostas, planting in the kitchen (in a 50 cent tag sale cup),


planting new perennials in my flower beds,


and LOVING the new flowers- clematis and purple pincushions.  They give such a wonderful English garden feel!  Once I get much and finishing touches in the yard, I'm planning a glamour shoot for it.


The porch didn't escape the panting frenzy either.  Since getting my rustic metal sphere at Brimfield, I've been planning to plant in it:


I had to rip apart the already established flowers to replant them, so they're still deciding if they like their new home

flower basket after

You don't see as much of the sphere as I was hoping, but I'm curious to see how the flowers will take and grow (hopefully!)

Did you get a chance to play in the dirt too over this beautiful weekend?